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    Skills and Attributes

    • Must have 2+ years in a customer-facing role and/or budtender experience
    • Strong and deep understanding of cannabis industry and breadth of product knowledge
    • Outstanding problem solving and time management abilities; a self-starter
    • Positive attitude, pleasant, patient, sincere, and adaptable
    • Strong listening and communication skills
    • Attuned to social cues; empathetic and able to “read the room” when it comes to customer needs
    • Ability to troubleshoot on the spot
    • Must possess a professional presentation
    • Must be punctual and reliable


    • Must be 21+
    • Must have a valid California driver’s license
    • Must be an impeccable driver with clean driving record
    • Must pass a background check (we will need your social security and DOB)
    • Must be available to work nights and weekends
    • Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds