Scheduled Delivery


Want to save 10% and schedule a next-day delivery?

  1. Click “View Menu”, “Shop” or “Shop Now” to go to our menu and place an order between 7am and 7pm.
  2. Once your order is placed, you can text our customer service chat line at 559-248-1781.
  3. You may request a scheduled next-day delivery in any two-hour window between 10am-10pm.
  4. Or you may request an AM delivery to be on our first drivers’ routes between 9am-12pm.
  5. Our customer service team will text you back to confirm that your order is scheduled and your 10% discount has been applied.
  6. You will receive a text update when your order is packed and ready and when it is placed out for delivery. Both include a link to pre-pay.
  7. You may prepay anytime before your order is delivered or pay cash upon delivery.
  8. Any other questions? Text us at 559-248-1781 and our customer service team will be happy to chat with you.